What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

We struggled to get our home back in order after a storm made its way into our living room.  Once we called SERVPRO, they helped us make sense of what needed to be done and guided us through the process.

Timely service by knowledgeable technicians, even though their services were in high demand at the time of our call.  They were truthful in their assessment and worked with great transparency.

We have a basement apartment we rarely go in, so we didn’t spot the storm damage right away.  Despite the prolonged exposure to water, SERVPRO was able to dry and restore the space. You can’t even tell that something happened.

I had just moved into my new home when a huge storm hit.  It became evident that my sunroom had damage from prior storms that had been painted over.  SERVPRO came in, addressed the cause and took all the steps necessary to restore the prior damage.

Stormwater in an attic spells trouble, especially if it takes you a while to realize there is an issue.  Cut your losses and call SERVPRO for expert services and advice.

We were surprised when our windows started leaking during a storm and didn’t know what to do.  We did our best with trying to dry the area, but when we saw your equipment we realized we never would’ve been able to clean and disinfect as well as you did.  Thank you, SERVPRO.