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tech drying hardwoods in a room

Morristown Water Damage Restoration

Thank you, Team Member Charles from Loudon! Your exceptional work is part of the reason SERVPRO of Loudon & Roane Counties was voted HOMETOWN Favorite!!  Our skilled tech is drying out this living room in Morristown and salvaging the engineered hardwood flooring, “Like it never even happened.”

mold on white walls, and spots on carpet

Morristown Mold Infested House

This vacant house in Morristown was victimized by storms that soiled the surfaces and led to significant mold infestations. This unwholesome environment required professional mold remediation to replace damaged building materials and clarify the interior environment from mold spores and other microbes following the flooding and mold growth. SERVPRO has qualified technicians to restore this property.

fans working in narrow hallway of building

Morristown Facility Drying

The inadvertent activation of the fire suppressant system wet the walls and carpeting in this area business building. SERVPRO responded soon after the call from the Morristown management company. We vacuumed up a bit of water and then set up axial fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the corridor eliminating the need for demolition.

mulch and mud in the driveway

Woodcrest Hills Storm Runoff Damage

The severe rainstorm left behind mud and sludge at this Woodcrest Hills home. This is contaminated muck, and our SERVPRO technicians can use pumps and hand tools to remove and dump the debris. We can pressure wash the driveway as part of the exterior storm damage cleanup.

spider web tags on wall

Fire Puff-Back in Lowland

The spider-like webbing in the corners of this Lowland property is the result of a furnace puff-back. SERVPRO technicians can use vacuums and dry, chemical sponges to remove the oily substance without staining the popcorn ceiling or the walls. This process eliminates the need to repaint the fire-damaged surfaces.

wand and hose on the floor of wet kitchen

Whitehouse Water Leak in Kitchen

The busted pipe covered the engineered wood flooring with water that also seeped into the base cabinets and appliances. SERVPRO responded swiftly to this Whitehouse water loss and vacuumed up the stray water, and prevented any need for demolition. Speed of service is crucial at times, and We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

removed planks, pad, and cut out drywall visible

Whitestown Water Restoration

SERVPRO not only removes the water and dries out the water-damaged home in Whitestown but also prepares the affected area for build-back. The removed drywall and laminated flooring are dry. Why SERVPRO? We start and complete the project.

equipment drying hallway, baseboards off

Morristown Commercial Building Needs Water Damage Mitigation

The coving has been removed by our SERVPRO technicians to drain the walls of any water after the pipe broke in this Morristown structure. The air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers are drying out the corridor and salvaging the carpet.

inside attic, bare wood, green devices drying

Lowland Post Storm Drying

The A-frame home in Lowland suffered a water intrusion following a storm. SERVPRO removed the stored contents and dried out the raw wood with air movers and axial fans over some days. We sprayed an antifungal agent, also.

green air scrubber , burned kitchen

Whitestown Fire and Smoke Cleanup

The air scrubber, placed by a SERVPRO tech in this Whitestown home, is outfitted with a HEPA and charcoal filter. It can capture airborne particles as small as 35 microns and also help to neutralize the pungent odors.

opened wall, PVC and plumbing lines, back block wall

Morristown Leak Repair and Restoration

The leak from the water line soaked the drywall behind the washing machine with sufficient drippage to necessitate a controlled demolition. Out SERVPRO team cut out the sheetrock and dried the wall and the exterior structural cinder blocks before closing up the wall.

walls spotted, covered with mold species, ceiling torn open

Whitestown Mold Demolition

This vacant property in Whitestown was a biohazard. Our SERVPRO crew came prepared, dressed in Tyvek suits, respirators, gloves, boots, and hardhats to remove the sheetrock from the framing. We rented a small dumpster for collection. Locals understand the need for a premier company to deal with a mold infestation of this magnitude.

air movers drying green carpet, desks on blocks

Whitestown Water Leak Cleanup

The green SERVPRO air movers and dehumidifiers blend in with the now almost dry green carpet in this Whitestown office. We arrived to remediate the water leak. Note the foam blocks under the desks and chairs to preserve the wood and not mark the carpet.

stripped wall showing studs leading to the kitchen, hardwood and air movers

Flood Restoration in Morristown

The flooding damaged the walls and the hardwood flooring in this Morristown home. SERVPRO quickly arrived and extracted the remaining water from the floor surface and removed the water-soaked wallboards. The air movers are completing the dry to prevent mold growth and further storm damage.

charred materials heaped in hallway, smoke damaged red walls

House Fire Cleanup in Whitestown

The charred debris, once removed from this fire-damaged Whitestown house, can already improve the indoor air quality. SERVPRO teams can then set up equipment to further improve the indoor air quality making the demolition a little bit easier.

green walls removed at bottom, carpet removed, studs showing

Flooding from a Burst Pipe in Morristown

The flood cuts by SERVPRO techs removed the damaged drywall and carpeting from this den in a Morristown home. We can dry the opened areas along with the concrete pad and then start the build back.

washer/dryer/sink, removed floor and wall

Water and Mold in Whitestown

The leak and humidity in this laundry area meant Mold Remediation by our SERVPRO team. Our Whitestown customer was pleased that we used a small demolition to remove the offensive-looking and smelling mold colonies.

Room with debris on floor and a damaged ceiling

Knoxville Storm Damage Beats up Room

This photo shows the scene SERVPRO technicians arrived at for a water damage restoration in a Knoxville room. The ceiling has collapsed due to water exposure and there is a large amount of debris on the floor along with water for SERVPRO techs to remove.

water puddle on carpeted, tiled floor , file cabinet

Morristown Water Clean Up

The leak spilled sufficient water on this commercial, tiled carpeting in a Morristown office to warrant a call to SERVPRO. Our fast response mitigated the water damage to simply business disruption, and not to discarding the flooring. We work fast to help our clients.

Back porch with hanging ice around outdoor furniture

St. Louis Pipe Burst From Cold Snap Brings Water Damage

This water damage in St. Louis from burst pipes brought the added issue of damage from ice. SERVPRO technicians needed to extract water and carefully remove ice, so it did not cause any further problems during the home restoration services.

charred A-frame interior of house, black surfaces

Woodcrest Hills House Fire Cleanup

The home in Woodcrest Hills needed SERVPRO's excellent house fire cleanup to restore this structure to its former glory. We can set up air cleaning equipment as we begin the demolition and discarding of burned structural elements and contents.

exposed walls, shows old plumb lines window

Morristown Water Damage Repair

The persistent dripping resulted in water damage to this wall in a Morristown kitchen. A tearing out of the water-logged walls was needed to repair the leak and to dry out the exterior wall void. SERVPRO can secure the area and prepare it for a remodeled new kitchen.

overhead flex conduit, air scrubbers in carpeted hallway

Morristown Water Removal Services

Trust the rapid response from SERVPRO to mitigate the water damage in your commercial building. We use advanced equipment and skilled technicians to secure burst pipes and dry out the common areas. Negative pressure devices expedite the water removal and drying.

soaked rainwater on dark wood floor

Morristown Rain Flooding on Hardwoods

The driving rain soaked the pine hardwood flooring in this Morristown property. Fortunately, the owner called SERVPRO, and with a quick response, squeegeed and vacuumed up the water before cupping or warping occurred to the slats.

soot covering kitchen countertop and more

Condo Kitchen Fire and Smoke Damage in Morristown

The charring from the grease fire left a thick, sticky film on all the surfaces in this kitchen in a Morristown condominium. SERVPRO can wipe off the sooty coating and minimize some necessary repainting. "Like it never even happened."

air movers, open under sink area

Woodcrest Hills Water Damage Recovery

Water soaked and damaged flooring, fixtures and assemblies get the SERVPRO treatment in this Woodcrest Hills kitchen. The centrifugal air mover expedites the sweeping of moisture from surfaces into the air where the water vapor can then be condensed by dehumidifiers.

hanging ceiling material, badly charred timber supports, fan

Fire in a Morristown Attic

The electrical short in this Morristown attic led to a serious fire damage problem. Our SERVPRO crew immediately, upon arrival, removed the hanging, charred debris, which was a safety risk. We discard all non-salvageable materials according to local codes.

dirty flood water, mail, and papers floating, desk in background, dirty water

Morristown Mailroom Flooding

The muddy groundwater covered the concrete floor in this mail facility with the contaminated liquid. SERVPRO arrived soon after the call to begin the water extraction using our truck-mounted pump. We then set up air movers to dry this Morristown facility.

water on pad, framing visible

Stormwater in Morristown

Driving rains can enter through an open window and quickly cover a home under reconstruction swiftly. SERVPRO can respond to this Morristown property to remove the water on the concrete pad and then use dehumidifiers to dry it out. We can then spray an antimicrobial product to ensure a safe environment.

exhaust area fire-damaged after dryer removed

Whitestown Fire Damage

The utility area suffered fire damage, as noted in the Photo. The restricted airflow from the clothes dryer generated sufficient heat to ignite the lint and then the wall. SERVPRO can remove the debris and build back the fire-damaged area.

holes in lower wall, air mover and window

Morristown Water Damaged Wall

Our SERVPRO team removed the baseboard from this exterior wall and drilled small holes to allow for the drainage of water and to enhance circulation. The air mover forced air into the wall void to increase the rate of evaporation. Our Morristown customers were pleased with salvaging the wall.